Toward the Light
   A Message to Mankind from the Transcendental World, published in 1920
Michael Agerskov, 1870-1933. Photo: The Royal Library in Denmark
Johanne Agerskov,1873-1946. Photo: Private collection
R. Malling-Hansen, 1835-1890. Photo: Private collection

Toward the Light- in Danish, Vandrer mod Lyset! - was first published in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1920 by secondary school teacher and author Michael Agerskov. The content of the book was received through intuitive thought-inspiration from the transcendental world by Michael Agerskov's wife, Johanne Agerskov, who was an intermediary. Johanne Agerskov was the daughter of the inventor, Rasmus Malling-Hansen. The couple was first involved with the spiritistic circles in the beginning of the last century, and very soon they experienced some very special events. There was called upon them from the transcendental world, and Johanne Agerskov was told that she was a mediator, and that she before her birth had promised to be the instrumental to bring some of the eternal truths to mankind. She got in contact with her deceased father, who was her spiritual guide throughout her work as an intermediary for the transcendental world. Together with two other couples the Agerskovs formed a circle, and during séances they were in contact with spirits of the light. The circle was asked to form questions concerning religious matters, and during séances Johanne Agerskov was given the answers to the questions through intuitive inspiration by the spirit of her father, who called himself Leo. Very early in their work, they were told that the work was initiated by God Himself, and that they would be given ''three golden fruits'', wich turned out to be three unique books, revealing many of the great mysteries of mankind, and our true relation to God. The main work was "Toward the Light".


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